The encounter with art - this is where the soul and heart of the gallery business is located. At the gallery, we often introduce new artists, unknown to our audience. From time to time we come across good, personal and interesting art that we want to share. Curiosity and the joy of discovery drive. At the same time, we would like to share new images of artists that we have discovered earlier and perhaps shown in exhibitions at the gallery.




In the spring of this year, 2000, our new gallery in Munka Ljungby was inaugurated. The gallery business had already been going on under the same name and for twenty-three years, starting in Gothenburg in the year two hundred and seventy-seven. Munka Ljungby is a larger village, formerly its own municipality, located a few kilometers east of Ängelholm in the northwest corner of Skåne. The following year, two thousand, we were proud that our new gallery building was nominated for a prize in an architectural competition for "Good built environment in Scania" - this in competition with much larger architectural works.




Here we have the pleasure of being able to show and present our latest findings. We do this preferably on weekends in connection with advertised exhibitions. On some long weekends we may stay open longer but we usually say that we are actually open all year because we also accept by appointment, usually groups, larger or smaller but also individual visitors at times that are a good distance outside normal opening hours. for galleries.



Thus - we have and have had visits from zero to nine in the morning to twenty-two in the evening - summer, autumn, winter and spring. Sometimes with a little snack and drink for the well-being of art visitors as well.




In parallel with the exhibitions, we have an outreach activity that is primarily aimed at the nation's many art associations, which sometimes also results in workplace exhibitions or decorating assignments. In Stockholm and Gothenburg, we also have access to suitable premises for temporary exhibitions and screenings.


We mediate corporate gifts and member editions in graphics, ceramics, bronze or glass to associations and companies and as far as decorating assignments for offices, hotels and various private and public premises are concerned, we have usually collaborated directly with responsible architects and interior designers.




The gallery mainly represents Swedish artists but also collaborates with artists from, for example, Denmark, Germany, England and France - graphic artists, painters, ceramicists, sculptors and glass artists, artists who mainly work in traditional materials and techniques. The non-Swedish artists may be well known in their own countries or even internationally known. However, celebrity is not a starting point for our choice of artist - only the artistry itself.




There are several ways to convey and share experiences in the world of art. In our time, of course, also via blog and social media. See us on facebook it's usually hot and of course Galler Pictor has an account on facebook. But we also write a blog that sometimes directly affects the gallery's activities, but which can just as often be about visits to exhibitions other than our own, personal memories and pregnant experiences in the vast universe of art. Today's range of art museums, biennials, art fairs and exhibitions offer a never-ending stream of opportunities and ideas.



History on the blog


For almost forty years and four hundred exhibitions, more than a thousand artists have had a temporary stay at the gallery, albeit sometimes with perhaps only one or a couple of works displayed in the gallery. Our exhibitors have come from all the Nordic countries and from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Israel, England, Scotland, USA, Mexico and Thailand - that is internationally worse. However, the emphasis has been on Swedish art.


It has not been about collecting in as many countries as possible or fleeing the provincial - much depends on pure coincidence. You happen to see something you want to see more of and suddenly you are stuck and want to show others what you have found. That it becomes most of the national is natural, but the curiosity about art has also led to many trips - for our part mainly in Europe. This in turn has led to many contacts and many inquiries and suggestions.


Telling the gallery's entire story or even a small chapter of this story would go far too far and beyond the scope of this site on the website - it will instead be on the gallery's blog that the story or parts of it will be written. Some chapters already exist - see Pictor 35 years - so the gallery was born or The exhibitions 2014 at Galleri Pictor . The address of the gallery's blog is



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