Layla Khani

Born in Tehran, living in England

Layla Khani works as a graphic artist with linoleum cuts.

She also runs her own design studio.


She grew up in Tehran in a family of musicians and writers and in her youth she drew diligently and studied the old masters. The music also got its share and she learned to play the piano.


Visually, she took strong impressions from the double face of the million-strong city of Tehran of ancient culture with buildings in blue and red and modern architecture with skyscrapers in glass and concrete. That duality, she says, plays a big role in her creation and in

her view of the world.


Crucial to her was also the encounter with architecture,

stone sculpture and reliefs on the palace buildings in the capital of the ancient Persian Empire Persepolis in southern Iran. Layla Khani says that in the same way as this one

Ancient artists and craftsmen carved and carved their reliefs in stone for 2500 years

then she now cuts her pictures into linoleum tiles for printing into graphic images and to tell a story in the way she experienced art in the old ruined city.

In our world of chaos and constant change, art here conveys a stabilizing

feeling of peace, harmony and eternity.


The landscape around Malvern in the west of England, where Layla Khani lives, also plays a role in her pictures. The mallow is located on the edge of heavily hilly terrain with a landscape described as

"Area of outstanding natural beauty".

Layla Khani's original and playful variations of landscapes depict one

color choices she captures from the landscape's atmospheric shifts there

each day gets its own color.

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