Michael Hofmann

Born 1944 in Chemnitz, Germany.
Graphic artist, painter and sculptor

Trained repro photographer (61-65) and free artist (69-74) at the Hochschule für Bildende Kunst in Dresden. Master's studies for prof. Bondzin (74-77)

Since his first participation in an exhibition for "Young Artists" in Berlin in 1976, Michael Hofmann has exhibited separately and in group exhibitions more than a hundred times at the Gallery Schmidt-Rottluff in Chemnitz (83, 96), the Xylon Museum in Switzerland (90) Grafikmässan in Dresden (several times), Art Multiple in Düsseldorf (98) 100 significant graphic artists from Saxony (recurring), Kreuzkirche in Dresden (03) several different galleries in Dresden and Germany and "Artists Posters from East Germany 1967-1990 at the Gray Art Gallery in New York 2010.

Michael Hofmann has been hired to make church windows for the churches in Gera-Lusan, Gera-Langenberg, Schleiz and Halsbrücke and for the private chapel "Gertrud Stein"
He is represented in public collections in, among others, the National Museum, the City Museum and the "New Masters Gallery" in Dresden, the Altenburg Museum, the Graphic Museum in Greiz, the Schreiner Collection at the German National Museum in Nuremberg and the German Library in Leipzig.

Participated in gallery Pictor's exhibition New graphics 3 / 4-1 / 5 2011 and showed more woodcuts in the exhibition Spring at Pictor 6 / 4-27 / 4 2014.

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